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谁在使用 Xmake?

如果您在使用 xmake,欢迎点击编辑 此页面 通过 PR 将信息提交至下面的列表,让更多的用户了解有多少用户在使用 xmake,也能让用户更加安心使用 xmake。

我们也会有更多的动力去持续投入,让 xmake 项目和社区更加繁荣。

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用户 (公司名/个人联系方式) 项目 (项目简介/项目地址) 评论 (可选)
ruki tbox & ltui ...
zsx acl Good
深圳金鼎威视 暂时都是内部项目 嵌入式开发中目前用过的最优秀的c程序构建工具
WillyJL CP77 Discord RPC (Homepage) Perfect and easy way to get into C++ without prior experience
SirLynix BurgWar (Video game) & obs-kinect (plugin for OBS) After programming for more than 12 years in C++, I can say xmake is a life changer. It's to C++ what Cargo is to Rust, a truly helpful tool (especially with external dependencies) you won't want to give up.
yamashi Cyber Engine Tweaks (Mod for Cyberpunk 2077) Dll injection to add Lua scripting, imgui user interface, console cheats and other hacks to Cyberpunk 2077.
Tilted Phoques Skyrim/Fallout Together (Mod for Skyrim & Fallout 4) Dll injection to add multiplayer to CreationKit games such as Skyrim and Fallout 4.
武汉凌久微电子有限公司 内部嵌入式图形驱动项目 支持多种国产嵌入式实时操作系统的GP系列国产GPU OpenGL/ES驱动
yecate 个人项目 跨平台构建的利器,xmake在我日常开发工作中提供了很大的便利
fasiondog Hikyuu Quant Framework 基于C++/Python的开源量化交易研究框架 xmake 的简洁高效是C/C++跨平台工程的解放
KnightJun BingW(bing wallpaper) xmake is an excellent, simple, easy-to-use and powerful build tool.
Phate6660 cppfetch (info fetch tool) I tried this out after seeing this, and after using it I loved it enough that I replaced meson with this!